ATA Global

Purchasing the latest phone can be expensive, ATA Global specializes in the sale of refurbished phones, stocking phones with various storage capacities, colors and grades. Our phones give you all the benefits of SIM free devices, at affordable prices, without compromising on quality. 

At ATA Global, we aim to provide the latest phones at affordable prices, we strive to give our customers quality products, alongside outstanding customer support and aftercare.

All our devices are professionally tested to ensure they meet our customer’s expectations as well as industry standards and each device is covered by a 12-month warranty.

ATA Global also offers fast and tracked delivery, so your device could be with you as early as tomorrow!

Our wide range of devices, means we have the right phone for you, whether you need to replace a broken phone, upgrade your current device or buy a gift for a loved one, ATA Global has just what you need.

Quality refurbished phones

12 Months Warranty

30 Day Return Policy 

Fast and FREE Delivery